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Appreciate Your Cracks

Cracks on a path at the park form where the roots of the trees come through. Cracks in your hands start to form after a fun day in the snow. Cracks in my Fitbit formed after it falling off my wrist at the end of a great trip in Orlando. Those are all literal cracks.

Cracks form in your heart after a heart break. Cracks form on your belly after giving birth. You have mental cracks, physical cracks, emotional cracks. But, they all tell a story.

Instead of complaining of your cracks, wishing you didn’t have them, trying to fix them with expensive surgery or crazy means that aren’t sustainable, consider taking a step back and remembering the story of this “crack” and how it formed.

How can you instead honor these cracks, mend them if needed, and focus on more important things in your life? Here is a brief story of one of my cracks and how I appreciate it:

I have thick thighs that rub together wearing shorts, that cause rashes on hot summer days. But these legs are strong, they allow me to walk, and do so many things. They tell a story of breaking a bone at a young age, to walking me down the isle on my wedding day. I honor them by wearing comfortable clothes and taking my dog on many ways each day.

Morgan Holben
Author: Morgan Holben

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