Thriving During Uncertainty

Who else thought this would only last a couple weeks and things would go back to normal? Maybe you thought it wouldn’t have an impact on the US or even the state you live in. Well, it has now made an impact on us all. During these times of uncertainty we can’t just put our lives on hold, especially when we’re unsure of how long it will truly be going on. Maybe you transitioned to working from home, maybe you have kids and are now managing them as well, maybe you’re out of work, still going to work, or maybe you have been directly impacted by this situation. Regardless of where you currently find yourself, here are some helpful tips to get you through this time.

Follow a routine

Having some type of routine is the key here to staying positive and not getting yourself in a funk. If you’re working from home you may just be rolling out of bed to login. Get yourself ready as you normally would to set your tone for the day. Maybe you’re used to going to the gym after work and can’t find the motivation to workout at home—drive around the block and come back or move to a different room than you’ve been in all day or better take your workout outside. If you currently aren’t working, creating a routine is most important for you. Try updating your calendar in your phone to keep yourself accountable. Whatever works best for you, create a routine to have a successful day.

Eat good food

No I don’t mean good like pizza and donuts—yum. I mean good, healthy, whole foods. Make sure you start your day with something that’s going to give you energy and keep you full. When you’re at home all day it’s much easier to grab for those snacks if you’re feeling bored or hungry. Eating something with all carbs like a bowl of cereal will most likely make you hungry sooner than if you have a healthy carb, fat, and protein like a bowl of oatmeal with apples and walnuts. Eating bad foods during this time will not only make you feel like crap physically and emotionally, but it will also lower your immune system. 

Take brain breaks

By staying at home and not going places, we’re probably getting much less non-exercise activity in. The walk from your parking lot inside, taking the stairs at work, walking to the store on your lunch break, etc. When you think about it—this activity contributes a lot to our daily activity. So take a break from sitting every hour to get up, move around, let your mind wander. Every couple hours, walk around outside if you can getting fresh air and movement. 

Stay connected—the right way

If you’re an introvert you may be thriving right now. If you’re an extrovert, not so much, especially if you live alone. It’s important to stay connected to people during this time. Luckily its 2020 and not 1920 so there’s many different ways of doing this. Social media and news might not be the best way right now if you’re easily influenced by what you see. Make sure you’re getting factual information and not believing everything you read or hear. Join me for my weekly free Zoom workouts on Mondays nights, FaceTime a friend, download the app house party and play games while video-chatting. 

Work on a new hobby or skill

Especially if you’re out of work right now, this is a perfect time to finally start going through your Pinterest and trying those recipes or DIY’s you’ve been meaning to do forever. Let your creative side flow and use this time to be productive instead of binge watching Tiger King(which I haven’t seen by the way).

Keep your to-do list short

I’m probably not the only one realizing that days at home move much faster than days at work—like where does the time go? Instead of making a long to do list of things you’ll never accomplish, keep your list short. At the end of each day, make a list of three things you want to accomplish the next day and make sure to get those three things done. 

Remember that this too, shall pass

Even with all of the uncertainty, remember that this won’t last forever and hopefully sooner than later we will get back to our normal lives and move forward. But, what can you do now to make sure that is a positive transition? 

Morgan Holben
Author: Morgan Holben

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