Does 12-3-30 work?

You may have heard of the popular new treadmill workout that Influencer Lauren Giraldo said helped her lose 30 pounds. If you haven’t, the workout is walking on a 12 percent incline, at a speed of 3.0 for 30 minutes.

What frustrates me about this “workout trend” is that is simply what it is… a new fad. People of all ages, and workout levels are going to jump on this bandwagon because it’s trending and someone said it helped them to lose weight. This is the same of jumping on board with a new “diet” that promises quick weight loss.

So I’ll tell you what is good about this workout:

-30 minutes of cardio, good for your heart

-Helps build endurance and stamina

That’s pretty much it. Sure it may help you lose weight, as any similar physical activity would.

What’s not good about this workout:

-If you are going from sedentary to starting exercise, you should not be starting at a 12 percent incline

-It’s the same as adding in any 30 minutes of activity that get’s your heart rate up, especially if you’re not currently exercising

If you plan on trying the workout, the follow tips may help:

You should be able to do it WITHOUT holding on

The purpose of this workout will work if you’re holding on, but you shouldn’t be holding on for dear life and leaning back drastically. If you can’t walk this speed and incline without holding on, you should start at a lower incline. You’ll get much better cardiovascular results if you WORK YOUR WAY UP to this point rather than starting there and feeling frustrated that you can’t do it.

If it hurts, you shouldn’t be doing it

Walking at this high of an incline isn’t for everyone. If you have certain joint issues or injuries, it might not be for you. So, if you’re feeling a little bit more than just a comfortable burn in your legs, you should stop.

This isn’t a bad workout, it’s a great way to add some steady state cardio into your workout routine, but it shouldn’t be a starting place. The moral of the story... one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to fitness. Instead of following the next big trend, invest in yourself and seek out a personal trainer to come up with a customized program for yourself, your needs, and your goals.

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Morgan Holben
Author: Morgan Holben

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