Why I Chose to Ditch My Fitbit Device

It’s almost been a full week of not wearing my Fitbit device. It’s likely nicely snug to the gentlemen that bought it from me earlier this week. It feels a little weird. It was kind of bulky and restrictive on my wrist at times, even while typing right now, it’s easier to do without wearing it. Sometimes I won’t have my phone on me and I’ll want to glance down at my wrist for the time, but other than that… it all feels fine.

Fitbit technically broke up with me first, as not being a Fitbit Health Coach anymore/ the program ending, so obviously there are some grieving feelings. I don’t feel super salty or anything, because I know it wasn’t “personal” in terms of our abilities as health coaches, they just didn’t want to continue with the program. So, it’s not like I had this immediate disgust in wanting to no longer use Fitbit at all, it just felt like the right time to…. let go.

I’ve been a Fitbit user for several years, long before being a Fitbit Health Coach, and I’ve never really had any serious issues with my devices. So, this “ditch” has nothing to do with the devices not working well.

What do I plan to do now? I plan to be more in the moment with my movement. I took a yoga class earlier this week and didn’t have a device to be distracted with. I took many walks with my dog and end of the day, didn’t have to feel a certain type of way if I didn’t get “10,000 steps”, I just felt good from the walks I had done.

I stopped caring to look at the calories burned during a workout a long time ago, but now I don’t have worry about seeing that at all. It’s not ever 100% accurate and it doesn’t matter how many calories you burn, it should matter how you feel and enjoyed the workout.

I was really loving the Alexa reminders on the device, but they had stopped working for a couple weeks so I got unconditioned to using them, so this wasn’t a loss for me.

I never slept with my device because it wasn’t comfortable to do so, so I’m not concerned with losing sleep data.

This all just really ties in with being more intuitive, mindful, and in the moment. I did buy a cheap device from Aldi that tracks steps and has the time on it if I choose to use that, but I definitely don’t plan to wear it all the time if I do.

Don’t get me wrong, these types of devices can be great for additional accountability and motivation, especially for people who struggle with that, but don’t get so caught up with the particulars that you lose sight of what is truly important.

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