Monday’s set the tone for the whole week—your outlook, your energy, your motivation, how you are towards others, your effort, etc. Monday’s are soooo important.

I like to live by these important rules:

1. NEVER miss a Monday

The importance of working out on a Monday will set your tone for the whole week. Start the week off right with a workout! Yoga, cardio, lifting, or even just a 5 minute energy burster.

2. Workout at least 3 days a week

Don’t have enough time to workout 5-6 days a week? That’s okay- right now I don’t have time either. If you stick to working out at least 3 days a week you won’t throw yourself off- your body and mind will know there’s another workout coming soon and you will keep the motivation strong on the day in between! If you’re only working out 3 days a week- do full body workouts and HIIT cardio.

3. Never go 3 days without exercise

It’s Monday, you didn’t workout, Tuesday you didn’t have time… get back in there on Wednesday or you most likely won’t workout the rest of the week. Once you go 3 days without exercise your body gets comfortable with not working out. Even if its just a 15 minute workout- do something. Your body will thank you and you’ll be in a better mood!

4. Never give up! 

A quote I like to think of is “The moment you feel like giving up is where change happens. Keep going.” You can’t give up if you’re not seeing results right away. Focus on how you feel. If it’s making you FEEL good then it’s working. The change you desire will come eventually but that’s not the most important part. Stay motivated and push through!

Morgan Holben
Author: Morgan Holben

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