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Dear Body, I Love You

Body image, acceptance, and self love has been something near and dear to my heart for quite some time now. I had the honor of meeting Nicole C. Ayers, author of “Love Notes to My Body” which encouraged me to write my own love note to my body. I encourage you to write your own and share it with me if you’d like.

Dear Body,

You’ve been through a lot over the years. From me being a child with various sicknesses and surgeries, you helped me overcome them and healed yourself. Scars were left where unmarked skin once was, but these serve as memories– good or bad, of our journey. You survived a broken bone and other minor injuries. Through it all, you kept me moving forward.

Now on to my teenage years and into my twenties. You sustained all of the diets, the hurtful thoughts and words. Even though I had done so much work to bring my body image to a better place, I still thought I needed to lose weight and look a certain way for my wedding day. The pressure outweighed my our progress. With this, you still allowed me to dance the night away with my husband, family, and friends. I thank you for that.

Through all the diets, you showed me this wasn’t sustainable with my weight going up and down. Now, I am FINALLY fully listening to you. I’m not restricting. I’m trying my best to nourish you with a variety of foods, movement that makes you feel good, and clothes that are comfortable.

This is forever a growing journey, and I just thank you for being there each step or stumble of the way.


Morgan Holben
Author: Morgan Holben

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